Reservar habitaciones de día

A hotel by day for your short stay: morning, noon, afternoon or all day

For leisure

Find the best hotels suited to your needs. Whether to relax, to sleep, or to enjoy comfort and intimacy for a few hours

To work

A quiet and conveniently located place to work during the day. Whether for a meeting, business lunch, coworking, a showroom or an interview

To travel

Find a hotel near an airport, a bus station, a train station or a port : travelers can call for a short period to rest or to cool down for a while.

Enjoy the best hotels' services and facilities

À la Carte activities

In more your day room reservation, check out the activities and services offered by the largest hotels

Work, share and meet a few hours at the best price!
Find meeting spaces and suited to your needs

On demand work spaces

Save time and find the ideal work space, even at the last minute. Downtown, near airports or train stations, book cut-rate meeting rooms. Have your colleagues enjoy the many services: restaurants , bars, health and sports facilities, local tourism activities.

Book your meeting room
in a few clicks

Find a workspace in a few clicks when on the move and send invitations to your colleagues and partners by SMS, LinkedIn, Gmail or Facebook. Spread the word !

Find the room you need

Find a prestigious room to sign your contracts or a fully equipped conference room to make your presentation. Hotels can provide you with all that you need to work when on your own or in a group

Cut-rate prices

Find the best spaces at the best prices. Subscription is free and payment is made directly to the hotels you chose. We only ask for a bank guarantee and no data is stored with us

By the hour, the half-day or full day

We offer a practical and flexible tool to organize events and meetings. RoomForDay make on-demand working space reservation easy. No paper to sign, no quotation request needed

Hotel for the day : Advantages

Discover a new way to enjoy hotel's services during day-time

Enjoy your day in a luxury hotel for half the price ! Fast and easy, RoomForDay is accessible online through our application for smartphone

RoomForDay is a booking service for bedrooms and meeting rooms in hotels during day-time. You can book hourly or daily. Browse through our spaces, select one and book online.

Prices and availabilities are updated in real time by our partner hotels. You can pay immediately on arrival by cash or credit card . RoomForDay makes hotel bedroom booking easy: AM, PM, all day. We cater to your professional needs: to close a deal, business meeting, work meeting, showroom, interview, photo shooting...

3 to 5 star hotels now offer high-standard services: comfortable accommodation, high tech meeting rooms, designer restaurants, saunas, beauty and fitness centers...

Nowadays every area in a hotel is designed with a view to create a space to live or work that answers new behaviors.

Services and activities can be booked "a la carte" for a small fee.

  • Pay on arrival

    You pay the hotels directly on arrival, by cash or credit card

  • Cut-rate prices

    You only pay for a few hours, not a full night stay

  • Choose what times suit you best

    You can choose among a full range of time slots to fit your requirements: AM, noon, PM, evening

  • Last minute booking

    Easy booking and cancelation free of charge until last minute

  • Flexibility and confirmation

    Booking management with instant e-mail confirmation. Direct contact with hotels.

  • Secured booking

    Personal info and bank details are encrypted and secure (HTTPS/SSL). We do not store your bank details

  • Localization

    Use Google Maps to locate the closest hotel to your position. Activate geolocation on your Smartphone

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